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    Juara Nusantara

    General Posting Rules:

    1. The trading, buying, or selling of illegal or age-controlled material and items is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, counterfeit items (including “proxy” cards), items that infringe on a company’s trade or service marks, drugs of any kind, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and adult material.

    2. Spamming, flooding, scrolling, etc. are strictly prohibited. This includes posting topics or replies that have no other purpose but to advertise another site or product, posting the same topic repeatedly, and using an excessive number of non-word characters in a post or subject title. You should not use more than three (3) non-word (i.e. punctuation) characters in a row.

    3. Please use a respectable degree of maturity when posting here. Don’t swear (this includes ASCII swearing, where letters are replaced with punctuation characters) and don’t pick fights with other members. Please keep your posts appropriate and on topic.
    Arguments and conflicts are perfectly acceptable, provided they do not become inflammatory or combative. Name-calling is generally combative and inappropriate. If you aren’t sure where the line is, err on the side of caution and be nice. If you wouldn’t make such a statement to your parents or boss, you probably are best not making it here.

    4. Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Don’t put your subject in ALL CAPS, and don’t write in it either. It’s like yelling and it’s really annoying. It’s common netiquette not to write in ALL CAPS, so don’t do it. This includes posting message titles in mostly CAPS. Do not try to loophole the rules, your post will still be closed or deleted.

    5. Only post topics in their appropriate forums. If you post a topic in a forum where it does not belong it will be either moved, or more likely, deleted. If you do this repeatedly, you will be banned. Also, do not post the same topic in more than one forum.

    6. Do NOT post more than one “bump” post per day. A “bump” post is a reply that is made to a thread that has no other purpose than to move that thread to the top of the forum display list. It is acceptable to post updates, but repeatedly posting a reply just for the sake of moving your post up is no better than flooding the board.

    7. Do not post more than one new topic every two days in the trading forum. Additionally, you may only have ONE active thread in the trading forum. This rule does not apply to replies, only new topics.

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