Juara Nusantara Deck Building : Part 1

Juara Nusantara Deck Building : Part 1

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Hey everyone,

First of all I would like to welcome everyone to the new and upcoming card game Juara Nusantara. Juara Nusantara is a card game based in Indonesia and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular game in Indonesia. Last week, the card game was launch in Malaysia at the classroom cafe with players learning the game play and also preparing for the upcoming tournament.

Today’s article is focused on deck building. Juara Nusantara deck building is somewhat similar to other card games but with twist to it. A deck would require a minimum of 40 cards in a deck that consists of athletes, equipment, skills and tactics.

Players are allowed to have a maximum of copies of athletes, equipment and skills and a single copy of a tactic each.

After extensive testing and game play, what I would suggest to players is to have 18 athletes, 10 skills, 7 equipment and 5 tactics. While depending on the players preference I would suggest a minimum of 16 athletes and a maximum of 20 characters.

Adiyasa Notonegoro

So there let’s start from the most important card in the deck, the athletes. Athletes are the base of the deck because without it you will lose the round almost straight off. For this reason it is strongly suggested that the deck be filled with more characters than any other card.


Skills have the second highest number of cards in the deck. This is due to the raw power that they provide. Generally skills provide more power or toughness compared to equipment and has lesser tactics that are able to destroy them that might affect the result of the game.

EMP football

Next is equipment. Although equipment are currently not the best when it comes to strengthening a players athletes it can still play an important factor in deciding whether a player wins, loses or draws a round.

The Mothership

Lastly, we have tactics. Tactics are very important in deck due to its raw power of it. It can easily decide whether a play wins or loses a round. Tactics like over 9000 and gamma ray exposure are really good at winning games while other tactics like intensive training, human unite, the mother ship, professional sponsorship help a player search their library for a card.

Tactics can also help a player destroy their opponents skills or equipment and also force your opponent to discard their hand and draw 5 new cards. Tactics does offer a lot but due to the rule of players only being able to have one in each deck, players will have to figure out which tactic compliments their deck the most.

While Juara Nusantara is still quite new to the gaming community, it would really be interesting in what players come up with for the upcoming tournament at The Classroom Cafe.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my deck building guide where I will share a few decks that I have built to help prepare you for the upcoming tournament.

Till then hope you all have fun with Juara Nusantara and happy holidays to all of you.

Andrew Chiu


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