Juara Nusantara Deck Building : Part 2.1

Juara Nusantara Deck Building : Part 2.1

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Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone enjoyed their Hari Raya holidays last week. With the Juara Nusantara launch tournament lurking this weekend, I would like to share with all of you a few deck list that I have been testing for the past few weeks.

In my previous article, I shared some basic concepts of building decks.

During my play testing sessions, I came to a conclusion that the decks that performed the most was decks that were built around 2 concepts (High Power & High Stamina).

Today I will be sharing with you a deck that is built around athletes with High Power and Lower Stamina. For decks like this, athletes in deck should have very high power stats with supporting cards that boost a lot of stamina and some amount of power. Let’s break it down.

Characters / Athletes
For this deck, athletes like Atomize, Ultimatron, Pangkalima tend to do very well in the deck. These high power athletes have very deadly basic stats but are significantly weaker in stamina.

Support Cards

To support your high powered athletes in the deck, the athletes would need support from the skills in order to survive. Skills with a lot of stamina and some power are more suitable to support your athletes. Cards like Extended Arm Smash, Nuclear Powered Backhand, Magnetic Field Defense Technique, Jump Smash and XJ-9001 Atomic Smash are recommended for this slot. At the same time while building your deck you might want to take note of your athlete type to decide to go with either Human Skills or Non-Human Skills.

Similar to skills, equipment would also be based on high stamina with some power is suitable for the deck. I highly recommend players who play this deck to get Nanomite Plating, Joint Extension and Flexibility Joint System.

This is one of the most crucial part of the deck as tactics can easily determine the whether a player wins or loses the round. Due to the power level of tactics players are only allowed to play one copy of a tactic in the deck. Tactics that are recommended are Over 9000, and Zero Gravity. Also in the deck I would strongly suggest players include some search tactics like Rise of A Star, Humans Unite or The Mothership and Intensive Training.

With all that here is the deck list.

Athletes (18 cards)
3 AtomizeAtomize
3 UltimatronUltimatron
3 PangkalimaPangkalima
3 BanaspatiBanaspati
3 NanotronNanotron
3 ThunderThunder

Skills (10 Cards)
3 Extended Arm SmashExtended arm smash
3 Nuclear Powered BackhandNuclear Powered Backhand
3 XJ-9001 Atomic SmashXXJ-9001 Atomic Smash
1 Magnetic Field Defense TechniqueMagnetic Field Defencse Technique


Equipment (7 Cards)
3 Nanomite PlatingNanomite Plating
2 Joint ExtensionJoint Extention
2 Flexibility Joint SystemFlexibility joint system

Tactics (5 Cards)
1 Over 9000Over 9000
Rise of A StarRise of a star
1 Zero GravityZero Gravity
1 Intensive TrainingIntensive training
1 Professional SponsorshipProfessional sponsorship


Total: 40 Cards

That’s all for today, stay tuned to my next article tomorrow where I will be writing on High Stamina athletes and what is the best way to build a deck around them.
For now, I hope you enjoyed the article and thanks for reading.

Andrew Chiu


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