Juara Nusantara Deck Building: Part 2.2

Juara Nusantara Deck Building: Part 2.2

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Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone enjoyed the article yesterday.

In my previous article, I shared with you a High powered deck the link can be found here.

Today I will continue on the deck building article from yesterday. Today we will be focusing on a High Stamina deck. High stamina decks are focused mainly on high stamina athletes with decent amount of power. The deck focuses on basic survivability of the the athlete and aims to power over opposing athletes with powerful skills and equipments. So with that in mind lets break it down.

Characters / Athletes
For this deck, athletes like Maya Reza (45 power/60 stamina), Rico Sukarlan(65 power/60 stamina), Gema Prakoso(50 power/65 stamina) and Andika Perdana (45 power/70 stamina) or any athletes with at least 60 stamina will be well suited for this deck. These atheletes have very defensive stats increasing the chances of survivability. But the game is not just about defending, to win the round these athletes will be boosted by high powered support cards.

Support Cards

To support your high stamina athletes in the deck, the athletes would need support from the skills in order to win against your opponent. Skills with a lot of power and some stamina are well suited  to support your athletes. Cards like Power Dribble, Ultra Bicycle Kick, Super Jump Smash and Net Shot are recommended for this slot. At the same time while building your deck you might want to take note of your athlete type to decide to go with either Human Skills or Non-Human Skills.

Similar to skills, equipment would also be based on high power with some stamina. I highly recommend players who play this deck to play cards like XJ-9001 Ultimate Racket, Plasma Engine Upgrade and Remote Control Shuttlecock.

Similar to the previous deck, tactics that are recommended are Over 9000, and Zero Gravity (bare in mind you only get to play 1 type of tactic each in a deck). Also in the deck I would strongly suggest players include some search tactics like Rise of A Star and Intensive Training. Once last tactic in the deck, I choose to play Double Up to boost athletes stamina. With a high base stamina, your athletes would almost be impossible to beat.

With all that here is the deck list.

Athletes (18 cards)
3 Andika PerdanaAndika Perdana+
3 Adiyasa NotonegoroAdiyasa Notonegoro
3 Gema PrakosoGema Prakoso
3 Maya RezaMaya Reza
3 Rico SukarlanRico Sukarlan
3 Basuki CahyaBasuki Cahya+

Skills (10 Cards)
3 Power DribblePower Dribble
3 Ultra Bicycle KickUltra Bicycle Kick
3 Super Jump SmashSuper Jump Smash
1 Net ShotNet Shot

Equipment (7 Cards)
3 Plasma Engine UpgradePlasma Engine Upgrade
2 Remote Control Shuttle CockRemote Control Shuttlecock
2 XJ-9001 Ultimate RacketXJ-9000 Racket

Tactics (5 Cards)
1 Over 9000Over 9000
1 Humans UniteHuman unite
1 Zero GravityZero Gravity
1 Intensive TrainingIntensive training
1 Double UpDouble up

Total: 40 Cards

Hope you guys enjoyed the article and happy hunting in preparation for this weekends Juara Nusantara Launch Tournament at Classroom Cafe.

Good luck to all of you and thanks for reading

Andrew Chiu


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