Juara Point F.A.Q


What are Juara Points?

Juara Point is a player reward program.

How do I obtain Juara Points?

Each Juara Nusantara Booster pack contains a single Juara Point card with points and serial numbers associated to the points.

How do I redeem Juara Points into my account?

1 – Login to www.juaratcg.com or www.juaranusantara.com. The login button can be found on the right panel of the website.

2 – Click the Juara TCG icon on the top left panel of the website to access your user dashboard


3 – Select Coupon to enter the point redemption page, and click Redeem Coupon


4 – Enter the serial number of the Juara Point that you wish to redeem into the box provided


What are the prize rewards?

Point rewards are updated every quarterly. Please check here for our list of exciting rewards.