In almost every cultureGaruda throughout the world, there has been stories of mythical creatures. The vikings had myths of dragons, the Greeks had myths of Gods  and demi gods but in Asia there is a mythical creature that appears in multiple cultures ,  that is the Garuda.

While the origins of this mythical creature has yet to be determined it is one of the most famous mythical creatures in South east Asia. In Thailand this creature is featured on their bank notes and in Indonesia they named their national airline Garuda Airlines.

But what is The Garuda? In different cultures the Garuda has appeared in different forms. In Thailand, it appears in a form of a man with an eagle like head. In Indonesia ,  it appears as a huge bird.

However in every culture it’s a symbol of power and justice to smite evil. It’s divine power is similar to those of mythical creatures throughout the world and is said to be equalavent to angels in western.

The Garuda is so popular that is has appeared in multiple games. And one can expect that the Garuda to be one of the best cards in Juara Nusantara. Stay tuned for more spoilers.


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